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 Rising to the Challenge
A letter to my supporters.

 With both sadness and hope for the future we have determined that it is clear our campaign will not proceed into the 2020 General. While this is heartbreaking for our supporters, all is not lost.

This campaign was never about me as an individual. It was about uplifting the voices of youth, workers, renters, and marginalized community members. It was about ensuring a new direction and that new fresh faces were at the table. It was about ensuring progressive leadership representing District 1. I believe we will have it in Carolina Mejia. With by far the majority of the District 1 vote, and having run an excellent campaign in the midst of a pandemic, Carolina has demonstrated that she has what it takes to rise to the challenge.
I want to thank all of my volunteers and supporters, my friends and my family, for their amazing work. We shared 8 months of each others lives and had many tough times and great times alike. We waved signs, we made thousands of calls, we put out great media and had a great message. We ran a great campaign, one we can be proud of. My promise to you all is that I will remain involved, that I will continue to advocate and work for progress. I could not have come this far without you all and I am eternally grateful and humbled by the connections and new friends made. Our journey is far from over though.
We started this race with 1 goal. To unseat the incumbent, and while that is likely to occur, we must ensure that seat does not go to someone who does not share our values. I want to encourage you to support and contribute to Carolina. She will need all of us to rise to the challenge in the General. Carolina is an astounding candidate and is ready to create the progress we need to see in thurston county. She is actively building a coalition of support and I hope you are onboard. Carolina will need donors, volunteers, and boosters, but most of all she will need YOUR vote.

So, Join me & vote Carolina Mejia! 

Let's create positive change in our community, together!